It has been observed that community people are frustrated and youths are getting engagement with unsocial activities and unproductive activities which ultimately creating space & situation for the community people to be involved in social crime, Immoral actions and personal dissatisfactions with suicidal cases also. One of the most important reasons is unemployment which ultimately happened due to lack of Technical skill Training though they are generally less educated. Also Exporting un-skill labor from Bangladesh for which they are under mind, Low salaried, Engaged in Odd jobs and being very unhappy as they don’t become enable to support families as much as needed at their convenient.

Strongly realizing these contexts, USK Foundation has initiated to run a Technical Institute for producing Skill/ Resourceful manpower. 

After completion of Training, USK Foundation provides necessary technology also to help the trainees to keep up their learning practically.

USK Foundation also make arrangement for relevant trainees internship facility as part of practical  experiences to get them well trained and fit for Job Placement.  Even USK Foundation wholeheartedly tried to make sure job placement of the trainees. 

At present USK Foundation is running following Technical skill Training;    

  1. Computer Training with Technology Transfer
  2. Tailoring Training & Technology Transfer
  3. Electrician Training and Technology Transfer
  4. Small Business Development Training and Financial Supports.