COVID 19 Preparedness & Response

At the end of 2019 when worldwide pandemic situation has been seen due to Covid-19 crisis, USK Foundation started emergency basis awareness activities at the community from it’s own financial supports and in cooperation & Networking with GO, NGO and other local organizations.

Later USK Foundation provided Covid-19 preventive materials like Face Musk, Hand Sanitizer. Also provided printed Materials at the community for better awareness and prevention of Covid.

USK Foundation sincerely sensitized the community people on the referral services for information, Covid affected medical services. Also widely worked encouraging people for having Covid Vaccine as the Govt. offered with no cost for the people of Bangladesh.

USK Foundation provided Mental & moral supports as primary care and supports for the Fire victimized children & Women in the Community. Also taken to hospital for better treatment.

Accordingly same supports provided for the victim/ Injured persons due Flood and cyclone.