More than 10 Lac Forcibly Displaced Myanmar National- FDMN (Rohingya Refugees) are living in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh since 2017. At the very beginning, it war very tough and challenging to accommodate huge number of Rohingya Refugees with limited resources of the Govt. of Bangladesh. So many NGOs, Civil Society Organizations, Local Community

organizations, Donor agencies, INGOs and UN agencies have come forward to support the Govt. of Bangladesh for contributing in the Management of the extreme Crisis due to influx of Rohingya Refugees. Accordingly USK Foundation also stands for Supporting Rohingya Crisis Management as an NGO.

At the early stage of the Crisis in 2017, USK Foundation extended helping hands from it’s own financial resources for providing Food items and non-food items for the Rohingya Refugees as an emergency need.

In 2018, USK Foundation provided huge number of cloths to the Rohingya Refugees with the support of a Qatar Based private organization.

In 2019, a need assessment of Medical services has been done in cooperation and supports of some individual Doctors by USK Foundation and provided some medicines and offered first aid services for the Rohingya Families.      

In 2020, USK Foundation provided some cash money with the financial assistance from the Social Services Department under Social Welfare Ministry of Bangladesh.