Upokulio Somaj Kollan Foundation- USKF (In English-Coastal Social Welfare Foundation) is a registered non-political, non-government and nonprofit civil society organization based at Coast Province of Bangladesh. USKF’s prime motto is to Uplift living condition of the community people especially who are marginalized being less privileged and having less access to the available services at the community.     

In 2013 a group of educated, dynamic and like-minded youth who were engaged in social services and working in the development sector  had become interested in the establishment of the organization “USK Foundation” for being well-stand by the people of Coastal Areas.

USKF has been carrying a number of interventions in the areas of education, health & hygiene, youth & women empowerment, Rohingya Refugees Crisis,  Referral Services, Disability & Development, Orphan children, Emergency preparedness & response, legal aid, human rights, Relief Works & Climate Change etc. 

Uniqueness of USK Foundation is Local Resource Mobilization both in cash and kind being strong committed and dedicated to the development of the local community peoples at he Coastal Regions. Local Govt., Religious leaders, community leaders and elites are always keen to take part in the community’s development through the effective and timely taken interventions of USK Foundation.

USK Foundation is also very fortunate to maintain liaison and linkage with Govt. Departments, some national and international organizations including UN agencies as one of the active development partners.

USK Foundation offers gratitude with heartfelt thanks to the organizations are ACLAB, Unicef, UNDP, YEPSA, IOM, COAST Trust, Social Services Department under the Ministry of Social Welfare, The Ministry of Home Affair’s, Coast Education Foundation etc for continued supports and cooperation to step ahead for the welfare of the Coastal Society.