Organize Inception Meeting:

USKF organized a Project Inception Meeting at Pekua Upazilla head quarter. The Upazilla Nirbahi Officer (UNO) Mr. Purbita Chakma was the chief guest of the meeting. The elected people representative of local Government of Pekua & Mognama Union Parishad (UP) attended the meeting.


Among them UP chairman Mognama  Mr. Younus Chowdhury  and UP pannel chaierman Pekua Mr. Sahnewaj with the UP members Mr. Shah Alom, Mr. Shahedul Islam, MS. Laila Begum, MS. Monwara Begum addressed the meeting.

Ms Ummay salma, the chairperson of USKF presided the meeting. Mr. Md. Abdul Hamid, PD of  USKF presented the proposed Promotion of Education and Nutrition to the Vulnerable Infants and Adolescents” project in the meeting.

Mr. Chakma-UNO Pekua in his speech told that this is very unique project. Hope this project will increase the household nutrition uptake and school attendance. ED-USKF said that we are very much committed to implement the project properly with the active participation of our beneficiaries and community people.