Beneficiary selection

For collecting data on households we conducted  Household Survey. This data collection  method, which is based on a face-to-face interview using prescribed  survey form of our organization ,used to collect a  variety of data.We have done 435 HH survey to select 150 beneficiaries We have collected various information like  age, sex, place of residence, educational status, marital status, household economic status and land holdings

Assessing the economic and social vulnerability we have selected the most vulnerable 150 household head as our beneficiary.

Provide Training to 150 mothers for 4 days (2 days –kitchen gardening, One day – Chicken, duck, goat raring & One day-Health & sanitation issues)

We arranged training for 150 mothers in 5 batches each containing 30 mothers for 4 days (2 days –of kitchen gardening, One day of chicken, duck, and goat raring & One day of health & sanitation issues. Resource persons were present in the training program as the below mentioned topic.