Humanitarian Supports Program for Forcibly Displaced Myanmar Nationals- FDMN in Bhasanchar Rohingya Camp.

Upokulio Somaj Kollan Foundation- USKF has been initiated a project to Support Rohingya Refugees (Forcibly Displaced Myanmer Nationals-FDMN) who have been relocated from Cox’s Bazar to Bhasanchar.

The name of the Project “Skill Development of Rohingya Refugees with Disabilities- SDRRD”. The project duration is 6 Months from July to December 2022. Significance of the project is to give priority to the families where persons with disabilities are existed.

The Project has been implemented with the financial support of a USA based organization “HELPING HUT”. 

Purposes of the Project :

40 Rohingya Refugees are enabled with skill Training to be engaged in income generating activities within their community in Bhasanchar  and 100 Rohingya Families have received one time Gas Cylinder refilled by December 2022.

Detail Objectives of the project:

Expected to achieve the following objectives under this project;

  1. 20 Rohingya male persons are skilled in Basic Electric House Wiring work and having a Tool Box to work at the community.
  2. 20 Rohingya female persons are skilled in Basic Tailoring & Dress Making and having a sewing machine to work at the community.
  3. 100 Rohingya Families are to be received their Gas cylinder refilled one time.

Project Activities:

Following activities will be conducted to achieve as per the set objectives of the project;

  • Basic Electric House wiring Training for selected rohingya participants.
  • Technology i.e. regular usable some necessary tools with tool box are to provide to all trainees after completion of training.


2.1 Basic Tailoring & Dress Making Training for selected rohingya participants.

2.2 Technology i.e. a sewing machine with tool box are to provide to all Trainees after completion o the training.

3.1 100 Gas Cylinder refilled to be provided one time to the rohingya families.

Project Expected Results:

On completion of the project, following results/ purposes are expected to achieve :

  1. Trainees will be able to be self-employed and even they will get job in other Shops/ Factories also within their community in Bhasanchar.
  2. Trainees will be able to provide some necessary services to the Rohingya Families and mitigate some household level regular problems.
  3. Trainees will be able to engage in Income generating activities at their community for meaningful financial support to their families.

4. Trainees will be enabled as productive persons to work at their community.

5. The families who will have refilled gas cylinder will be happy in cooking foods.

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