Public awareness:

According to the constitution of Bangladesh, all the power of the state is owned by the people. People’s  rights to citizen services in government apartments. The citizen can take rights to inquire all the  offices according to his desire, and according to the right to information Act 2009 government officials are forced to give various information. The more people are aware, the more people able to understand their rights. By working with the TIB Yes Group, we are increasing awareness among people in number of ways. We are working as a part of anti-corruption social movement. We are confident in the dream of seeing a corruption-free Bangladesh. We provide different information to people through satellite camping and also provide the necessary suggestion for solving their problems. People are being able to understand their rights through mobile information and advice. We are organizing ‘Mother and Parental convention to increase the standard of government primary school. As a result, mothers are giving importance to the child’s education and the children are being educated at school. In addition, they gave opinions on the issues that they had face and it resolved the problem. To increase the standard of services in the Sadar  Hospital. And arranging exchange meeting like hospitals with the hospital authorities. The patients coming to the hospital are also talking about their opinions. Apart from this, the Upokulio Somaj kollan Foundation has organized a number of public awareness campaigns including seminaries, video demonstrations, human chains, in every Union regarding militancy, extremism, violence and security.