Handicapped support :

Many poor and destitute in our country
There is a street girl, who hurts a lot. Life in the absence of clothing
They became miserable. Especially those of whom no
There is no better shelter, they are. We are those good lodges
We may not realize that the outside real scene is properly understood. Many people do not have homes, there is no nights in the roofless places. Many of the sanctuary is under the open sky, on the footpath or at a railway station. There is no need for them to prevent them. It is noticed that many people are living together and they live together. They spend their days in a rubbish cloth, and their daily routine of diseases and disorders in their bodies. There are many shelters; But the clothes are not adequate. There is no affordability to buy. So those who lack or those who are capable, if they stand beside these plight, then many poor people will be benefited. The coastal society welfare foundation has been distributing garbage shelter less women and men every year. Fakir, Miskin, orphan, poor and helpless Eid and winter clothes were distributed in 7 union of Pekua upazila.

Disabled people have always been neglected in the society. But according to the instruction of Islam, they  should be treated with kindness, helpfully .Humanity and faith always stand beside them in danger. A part of physical, hearing, speech and vision disability is called physically disabled. The other part is mentally challenged due to the accident. During pregnancy, the physical and mental development of the mother may be hindered due to lack of physical deficiency of mother, malnutrition on illness, sickness, road accidents etc. due to non-neglect of parents. So, Upokulio Somaj kollan Foundation social services office apart from the list of victims of those disadvantaged people of the society various tools and financial assistance.