Strengthen Community for Referral Services:

  1. USK Foundation is keen to support the community peoples for their well awareness and encouraging them to receive necessary services provided by the Govt. instruments and other NGOs and other organizations. Actually most of the community people are less aware regarding the services offered by the different organizations and the Govt. also.

Even the community people don’t know where to go, whom to meet, how to talk, when to go, how to get easy access to the services, who are providing what sorts of services etc.

Considering these contexts, USK Foundation initiated utmost needy working area for the welfare of the community people and service prodders from it’s own financial resources in the name of “Referral Services” under it’s project “ Strengthen Community People for Referral Services”.

Following are some of the areas, community people have received services for taking initiatives of Referral Services; 

  1. The Govt. provided Legal Aid Services
  2. Elder people Benefit under Social Safety Net program of the Govt.
  3. Benefit for the Disable People under Social Safety Net program of the Govt.
  4. Cash Benefit of Pregnant Mother Social Safety Net program of the Govt.
  5. Access to the Community based available Financial Services
  6. IGA Training and technical services by the Department of Women Affairs.
  7. Health Services especially care & support of pregnant mother.
  8. Immunization service points for Children & adolescents.
  9. Covid-19 Prevention, Protection and Vaccination
  10. Timely to be n Shelter home or Safe place at the time of Flood & Cyclone.