Business Oriented Social Support to Persons with Disability (BOSS-PWD) Project

BOSS PWD-Project

Persons with Disabilities tend to face social discrimination right from their childhood. The Government as well as the initiated lot of programmes and measures for the welfare of PWDs and enacted a number of legislation for their welfare. However, most such schemes are based on medical model of rehabilitation and merely address the medical needs and rights and entitlements of PWDs. In the absence of any programme to develop their residual skills and day to day functional abilities, PWDs tend to grow up being dependent on others and deprived of gainful livelihood opportunities in most cases.

In this context, USKF a Pilot Project has been taken in Coxsbazar Zila of Pekua,Kotobdia,Chakoria Upozila  for welfare and all around development of Persons with Disabilities. The project is a holistic approach aimed at all around development of PwD, their sustainable livelihood, rehabilitation and integration into society and their participation in mainstream developmental process. The main component of the project is creation of livelihood opportunities for PwD to help them to attain financial independence. This is planned to be achieved through formation of SHGs among PwDs and providing training as per their need in any suitable employment activity for vocational rehabilitation. The project also aims to address the needs of PWD children and their guardian and facilitate their better upbringing and development in the family in particular and society in general

Coxsbazar district has about 2025 numbers of Persons with Disabilities. As Pekua,Kotobdia,Chakoria Upozila is the most backward Upozila among all the Upozila of this district with high incidences of labour migration,  Upazilas has been taken up as the project Upozila for implementing the Plan. Person with Disabilities as per survey conducted for the purpose of the project.