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People can not live alone, their happiness and happiness are not the result of their own efforts, it is possible to serve society in the service of many people’s cooperative actions. There is no shortage of people, poor people in the society, and the number of poor poor people. Everybody in society should be aware of each other, and we will have to stand beside him with sadness and sadness. The poor poor people have to smile at the face, the people of the society, the advantages of the people, the difficulties, the country will have to work. It is your duty to give someone the chance to help or help someone who wants to do a good job, if we are aware of each and every person, we can help each other in all the tasks. If we can highlight the good works of the country, then service to the country side by side will be the service of the society. Otherwise, it will not be possible to serve the society for the M.P.P., the minister, the chief minister, or the country. This society is the responsibility of all of us and all of us, this society will keep this nation alive to this nation. If we work with every noble purpose, then we do not think that this society will be a very difficult task to make this country a very beautiful and prosperous Bengal. Serving this society possible with the cooperation of all, we will be committed to every person, we will not be able to disturb anybody, we will not bow down to injustice, we will stand against injustice. I love society, love country. We will engage ourselves in the service of the country. It will then be the key to social services and country services.