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a coastal society welfare organization


Institutional profile:

Background: Upokulio Somay kollan (USK) Foundation started working with relief operation for the Too Upokulio Somay kollan (USK) Foundation took up the issue of HIV/AIDS of the sex workers with the assistance of NORAD and CIDA. Over the time, it has received support on different issues from other on Partner NGO/ Donors like Aclab, BRAC, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare and Ministry of Social Welfare/The organization has. cial Welfare/The organization has implemented several, illiteracy programs addressing issues like health & nutrition, safe migration, poverty anman reduction, disaster preparedness, life skills development, women and more rights, good governance, legal aid, etc. It has established strong networking and maintained good relationship with different Government & non-Government organizations. It nous of different national and international forums.)


Handicapped support :

Many poor and destitute in our country There is a street girl, who hurts a lot. Life in the absence…

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Latest News

Delivery of clothe And Food products

There street many poor destitute and children in our country who are suffering very hardships. The life becomes inadequate to them due to lack of clothing. Especially those who have…

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Public awareness:

According to the constitution of Bangladesh, all the power of the state is owned by the people. People’s  rights to citizen services in government apartments. The citizen can take rights…

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Work-oriented training

Work-oriented education is the education related to possible professional work for Livelihood. Changes in the lifestyle and characteristics of human life and increasing competition in life and livelihood, are increasing…

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Sewing training

Sewing  Training : Generally speaking, clothes meant for sewing in the clothes. In order to keep pace with modern times, amateur men and women are eager to wear different design…

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ICT (computer training)

There is no alternative to training to increase our fitness in life. Training takes the same importance even before entering the service. А person’s   career may require training at any…

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Distribution of educational materials:

In order to be successful in such a profession as in medical engineering etc., with the necessary training and experience to acquire skills of using the most useful materials related…

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people on the coast

…Meanwhile, an organization for sustainable development YPSA in collaboration with Habitat for Humanity International Bangladesh started Cyclone post-Mora housing construction work in Bahharchara union of Banshkhali. Under this project, a new house…

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New houses for homeless people on the coast

….One such person is Koli Akhter, who did not even see her father after her birth. She has been living with her mother in extreme poverty, enduring hideous suffering,  she…

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